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PSI Testing Site, HOBET at PSI

 HOBET V administered through PSI

  Steps for Registering for the HOBET V administered through a PSI test center

·        The first step is to determine if testing at a PSI test center is the right choice for you.  Click here  for test center locations near you.  Desired testing center locations, on occasion, can be full for the date requested.  Please be aware that an alternate location, date or time may be required. 

·        After you have completed registration and paid your registration fee, you will receive a receipt/confirmation email.  This email contains the ID # required by PSI to complete your scheduling of the test.

·        You may schedule online at or call PSI at 800-733-9267 to schedule the time and location to take the HOBET V.  They will require the ID # from your purchase confirmation so please have this available.  In the event that you need to reschedule your test, you must contact PSI 2 days before the scheduled test date.

·        THERE IS A NO REFUND POLICY on a HOBET V Registration. 

      ·        After scheduling the HOBET V with PSI, you will receive an email confirmation with the test center location and directions.     

  •  One free HOBET Transcript will be included in the price if selected at the time of purchase.   If you select to waive this option, there is no discount to price.  HOBET Transcripts are $25 per Institution. 
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