HOBET Prep Package

HOBET V Package - Study Manual and Online Practice test

Streamline your HOBET® preparation with the HOBET V study manual and the HOBET V online practice test.

HOBETS V Study Manual
•The official HOBET V resource, written specifically to address the needs of students preparing to take the HOBET V
•Manual addresses each objective that could potentially be assessed on the HOBET V - Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage
•Sample questions with accompanying explanations

HOBET V Online Practice Test
•150 question tests patterned after the actual HOBET V test
•Designed to give a sense of what to expect both in content and in format
•Ability to take test five times (same set of questions)
•Items accompanied by detailed rationales for correct and incorrect responses
•Available via the internet

•The HOBET V Study Manual is copyrighted and is only available for a single use only. The HOBET V Study Manual is not appropriate for library or resource center purchases.
•There is only one version of the practice test.

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